Posted 1 year ago

Best LED Manufacturers in the World


           When buying a pricey item, especially those that are used in the household, wise consumers never fail to check the brand or manufacturer of that item. Usually, the manufacturer of the item already says about its quality and price, which are two of the most essential aspects to check out before paying for any product. This is also equally true when it comes to buying LED lights. There is no doubt that LED lights are the topnotch in today’s lighting system, and getting the best LED products from these top manufacturers is an advantage.

                The top manufacturer of LED lights is Philips Lumileds and it is also the leader in innovative LED lighting systems and designs. Its latest most commendable product is the patented LUXEON that boasts of the longest lifespan of about 50,000 hours. Philips Lumileds has become the best supplier of the brightest and the most efficient LED lights in the shades of red, amber blue and white in the market with its LED products zero in LEAD and MERCURY contents since 1999. It’s currently the leader supplier of LED packaging, LED materials and any other items related to LED lighting for releasing billions of LEDs annually.

                The second spot goes to ASM Pacific Technology, which first began in 1975 and based in Holland. Today, it is the world’s largest assembly equipment supplier of LED products in the whole world. It started its expansion in China and Hongkong in 1989, which are also the main sites of their low end LED products.

                Cree is another prosperous company in terms of producing LED wafers at superb quality, and it’s dubbed as one of the top leaders in LED revolution. The company prides of its top inventors and innovators, who never ceased in revolutionizing LED products in the aspects of engineering, design and innovation. Cree’s top engineers and brains have been the very people who invented Cree’s most innovative introduction, the TrueWhite Light.

                Another company that leads in the production of LED materials is Osram Opto Semiconductors. Dubbed as one of the biggest suppliers of LED in the world, the company has remained competitive in the market for the construction of optoelectronic semiconductors for the lighting, sensor and visualization sectors for more than 30 years and counting. Governed with its basic visions and missions, which are to produce quality and innovative LED lights, abide the laws governing the production and introduce eco-friendly materials, Osram Opto Semiconductors, the company won the 2007 German Future Prize and made it even more reputable.

                Some newly established LED manufacturers are also well known for innovations in the industry and top qualities, such as Bai LED in China. So the next time you shop for LED, make sure you check out these labels in the product packaging to ensure of safety and quality.